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Pranic Healing Courses



Pranic Healing

Heal others and yourself from simple to intermediate physical diseases. Understand the basic concepts, principles, and techniques behind Pranic Healing©, an advanced form of energy healing that involves the use of life force or prana to realign, balance, and harmonize the human energy system to heal the body and promote wellness.


Advanced Pranic Healing

Enhance your Pranic Healing© skills through the use of color pranas. Attend the Advanced Pranic Healing© Course and produce rapid, more effective healing results to treat more severe and chronic ailments.


Pranic Psychotherapy

Understand how thoughts and emotions affect our thinking patterns and behaviors. Take the Pranic Psychotherapy© Course and apply Pranic Healing© concepts and techniques to prevent and heal emotional and mental imbalances, psychological ailments, disorders, and addictions, and save and improve lives and relationships.

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