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Basic Pranic Healing

Understand how thoughts and emotions affect our thinking patterns and behaviors. Take the Pranic Psychotherapy© Course and apply Pranic Healing© concepts and techniques to prevent and heal emotional and mental imbalances, psychological ailments, disorders, and addictions, and save and improve lives and relationships.

After the course you should be able to

  • Know the energetic anatomy, chakras and their physical functions

  • Diagnose the affected chakras and parts of the aura through scanning that is a simple and powerful technique to feel the aura

  • Do healing on yourself and others using step-by-step protocols

  • Do distant healing in cases where the patient is not physically available

  • Maintain a good health using comprehensive techniques

  • Apply energetic hygiene by cutting the energy link between you and the patient after each session to avoid unnecessary contaminations

  • Improve a wide range of physical ailments including headaches, heart ailments, gastrointestinal disorders and pains

  • Do Meditation on Twin Hearts for peace and illumination

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