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Inner Christianity Revealed

The mystery of the spiritual teachings of Lord Jesus Christ was shared only to a chosen few in ancient times. Discover substantial universal truths and achieve spiritual advancement through the Inner Teachings of Christianity Revealed© Course as it breaks barriers and uncovers the core of Christianity to everyone curious and open—regardless of faith and religion.

After the course you should be able to

  • Understand the essence of secret purification rituals

  • Understand the inner teachings behind the Baptism by Fire, Water, Air and the Holy Spirit

  • Know about the Trinity and the 3 Universal Aspects of God found in the major religions

  • Know the inner meaning of Lord Jesus washing the feet of the apostles

  • Understand the relationship between one’s spiritual anatomy and the inverted Tree of Life’s twelve fruits, as mentioned in Revelations

  • Learn the true meaning of the Pentecostal Fire

  • Christianity Revealed workshop is designed for everyone who is interested to go deeper into the teachings of Lord’s Christ and understand the meaning behind the teachings.

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