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Inner Buddhism Revealed

Buddhism Revealed Workshop proposes an esoteric view towards Buddhism and its teachings. The Four Noble Truths and Eight-Fold Path, taught by Lord Buddha that constitute a significant part of Buddhism religion, are revealed from a spiritual and practical point of view in this workshop. Learn the different levels and facets of truth, the different schools of Buddhism, the four major causes of suffering and the powerful solutions to them.

Buddhism Revealed Course in this case introduces a road map to systematically put your life in divine order!

After the course you should be able to

  • Realize that life is not all suffering

  • Know the causes of suffering and solutions to minimize it

  • Understand the significance of the Four Noble Truth

  • Realize the practical implications of the Eight-Fold Path

  • Realize your Buddha Nature

  • Understand the meaning of detachment and how to practice it

  • Buddhism Revealed Course is a gateway to understand life, its cycles and ups and downs. It reveals the causes of suffering in life and practical ways of overcoming it. It is therefore one of the must learn workshops for all, whether Buddhist or not.

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