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Work intelligently and efficiently. Harness the power of your mind to visualize and manifest your goals until you gain the desired profit, target, or result. Properly utilize your thoughts and subtle energies to develop productive habits that will help you in achieving a healthy, prosperous, happy, and successful life—both materially and spiritually—through the Kriyashakti© Course.

After the course you should be able to

  • Use the power of your thought to achieve your goals

  • Cleanse your aura and your chakras from negative thoughts and programming about money

  • Use the Prosperity Meditation to bring prosperity and abundance to your life

  • Use the proper hand gestures or mudras for prosperity

  • Understand the science of Tithing and Entitlement and how it is connected to your success

  • Create powerful Thought Forms using several easy to practice techniques


  • Kriyashakti gives you freedom to pursue your dreams and provides you with enough power to achieve your goals. Kriyashakti Workshop is not only recommended for businessmen, investors, freelancers and entrepreneurs but also for people who are in the spiritual path. Spirituality and materialism are basically two sides of a coin. We need both to fly!

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