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Arhatic Yoga

Rapidly and safely accelerate the evolution of your soul. Take advantage of the Arhatic Yoga© Preparatory Level Course and discover a systematic way to pursue the spiritual path while living a balanced and normal life through a synthesis of various techniques ranging from physical and breathing exercises, purifications, and meditations.

After the course you should be able to

  • Use the discussed techniques to purify your thoughts and emotions and build a better character

  • Follow the 5 pillars to have a balanced and safe spiritual development

  • Increase the size of your chakras and your aura to reinforce your innate powers

  • Remove your weaknesses and convert them into strengths

  • Use meditation techniques to increase your awareness

  • Safely and rapidly awaken your Kundalini energy

  • Know the Kundalini Syndromes and means of subsiding them

  • Arhatic Yoga is phenomenal. Its power is beyond imagination.

  • Arhatic Yoga encompasses all you need to know about your spiritual development and safe, easy yet powerful techniques to accelerate it. All you need to do is to make yourself available for the course, practice the teachings and the techniques and enjoy the fruits.

  • Arhatic Yoga is designed for people who are serious about their spiritual growth.

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