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“Pranic Healing uses the Law of Nature which people do not know or not aware of.”

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The Founder

GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui was the founder of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. He was born in Cebu, Philippines, and became a yogi while he was still in his early teens.

His relentless search for spiritual truths beyond the accepted realities, balanced with a degree in Chemical Engineering and with his business acumen, has led thousands worldwide and from all works of life to experience the beliefs of Modern Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga, and his other esotheric teachings and their practices.

Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui
Pranic Healing 11 Major Chakras

What is Pranic Healing?

Energy Healing is not a new concept. Many sages, saints, and healers have been practicing the art of healing from long ago. Though not all the modalities are recorded, still, you can see hundreds of them if you search the web.

What makes Pranic Healing unique among the rest, is its modern, fresh, and scientific view towards energy, healing, and general well-being.

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