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Pranic Crystal Healing

Get familiarized with the properties and functions of crystals. Attend the Pranic Crystal Healing© Course and acquire knowledge on how you can use crystals as instruments to help enhance your healing power and to apply Pranic Healing© principles and techniques.

After the course you should be able to

  • Know qualities of different crystals and gem stones and how each work

  • Cleanse, program and energize your crystals to use them for a specific purpose

  • Consecrate the crystals to increase their power beyond comprehension

  • Use crystals for healing effectively

  • Extract negative thoughts and emotions from the aura easily and more effectively using crystals and gem stones

  • Use the crystals in order to create a barrier which protect you from the diseased energies while doing healing

  • Use crystals as rings for more productivity, prosperity and spirituality

  • Use crystals to divert psychic attacks

  • Make use of gem stones for the healing, even when you are resting

  • Pranic Crystal Healing is designed for persons interested in using crystals to improve the quality of their life and increase their healing power as it opens a new horizon to the world of crystals and stones.

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